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What makes us unique? Our programs and outreach.

Drug awareness

Companion Athletics has initiated a drug awareness program.

Basketball League

Companion Athletics has a weekend basketball league that services 200 + kids from the ages of 11 to 18 years old.

CA Codes

CA Codes is a program within Companion Athletics, where we have free workshops for youth teaching them valuable tech skills such as Web and App Development.

CA Juvenile Justice Initiative

Companion Athletics is focused in helping youth who have been in and out of the juvenile justice system. In addition, CA has started its Juvenile Justice Initiative, empowering immigrant and refugee youth, and promoting a pragmatic civic engagement program.

About Us

Creating athletic programs that encourage solidarity, and instill great values that help us understand how we are all inextricably connected.

One of the biggest needs in our community is engaging youth in athletic programs that bolster leadership, rather than only focusing skill development and training in fundamentals. Furthermore, our youth are taught the important facets of the game. Companion Athletics programs are exclusively offered through a mission-aligned structure. The league runs for 3 months and will significantly help young basketball players improve their individual skill set, understand the game at a more complex level, and be better prepared for their next season of league competition.

  • Volunteer based org

    All of our members are volunteers.

  • Professional members

    All of our members are professionals ranging from software developers to teachers all looking to give back to their community.

  • Only program of its kind

    Companion Athletics is the only program of its kind in the South King County area servicing 390 East African youth.


Just a few members apart of our amazing team
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Vice President
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Mustafa Ahmed

Media Director


Some words from some of our community members and youth who take part of our programs

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